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Shizuoka Tokaido Town Walker Guidebook

Shizuoka city has a calm climate and rich nature, blessed with both seafood and mountaineering.
In the heart of such a person living in Shizuoka City, you can see that Shizuoka Ai is rooted even if you do not say it again.

Looking at the history of Shizuoka city, the Tokaido was also a place where the Daimyo name and many travelers go and go, during the Edo period when Doshisha Ieyasu was a great place.
It seems that the voice of the traveler of the time seems to be heard if we walk along the site of the site where Edo emotion still remains.

In the contemporary lodging town where retro cityscapes remain, there are lots of fashionable and fresh spots that you want to take photos unintentionally.
There are many things that you will want to share with someone, such as crowded goods, cafes, cafes, scenes that remain in your heart, as well as townscapes.

Why do not you take a leisurely walk on the historical highway?

Shizuoka Tokaido Town Walker Guidebook

"Tokaido" is one of the five highways developed under the orders of Tokugawa Ieyasu during the Edo period. Starting from Nihonbashi, 53 postal towns were established along the route between Nihonbashi and Sanjo Ohashi in Kyoto. There are many famous places and historical sites around the area, and images of the towns and people have been depicted in woodblock prints called the "53 Stations of the Tokaido" by Utagawa Hiroshige. Even today, many sightseers visit the area where history comes alive.

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