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Tokaido Machiaruki

Daimyo processions and many travelers once travelled along the Tokaido. Many museums and memorials showing bustling scenes of those days have also been built, and even today many tourists come to visit the areas around the Tokaido. In addition, among the 5 major ancient highways in Japan...

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  • town_list Kambara-shuku Kambara-shuku
  • town_list Yui-shukuYui-shuku
  • town_list Satta PassSatta Pass
  • town_list Okitsu-shukuOkitsu-shuku
  • town_list Ejiri-shukuEjiri-shuku
  • town_list Fuchu-shukuFuchu-shuku
  • town_list Mariko-shukuMariko-shuku
  • town_list Utsunoya PassUtsunoya Pass
  • town_list Toro AreaToro Area
  • town_list Miho-no-Matsubara AreaMiho-no-Matsubara Area
  • town_list Nihondaira & Kunozan Toshogu Shrine AreaNihondaira & Kunozan Toshogu Shrine Area


  • town_list Fujieda Station
  • town_list Okabe Station
  • town_list Ainoshuku, Seto
  • town_list Rengejiike Park
  • town_list Setoya area
  • town_list Asahina areaアサヒナエリア
  • town_list Utsunoya Pass (Fujieda Side)ウツノヤトウゲ
icon icon General Top Fujieda area Shizuoka area